Monday, February 21, 2011

A look back, part 2: spring 2010

I'm pretty sure it's bad form to post a previous year recap at the end of FEBRUARY, but this is my blog and I want to finish my recap even if it takes several more months, so there :^) Also, I apologize to all my Facebook friends who have seen most of these photos before, but this is my "permanent" record. I'll stop excusing myself now.

In April we got more snow but were able to hike to Mossbrae Falls by the end of the month when my parents came to visit. Carson mastered sitting up.

At just six months, he's still fairly back-bound

Love those chubs.

Hey, we're outside! How cool! And I'm flying! I mean, sitting!

What is this stuff anyway?

OK, enough with the torture, mom! Get me out of here!

After the snow is gone... the wreckage appears.

Due to Bubba's unpredictable work schedule,
occasionally Carson ended up at the vet clinic with me.
Here he's bedded down in the attic for a nice rest
with the other boxes.

When he wasn't sleeping, he pitched in and helped where he could.

The non-mobile stage has its advantages!

Kitchen utensils make the best toys.

Headed to Mossbrae. This train was moving,
but very slowly--a fun up-close experience.

Also very loud. Carson didn't seem to mind.

Don't worry, it's moving away from us!

May was the month for showers and flowers around our house. Bubba continued his work, begun in April, of hauling many loads of storm debris to the temporary dump in town (all of which was shipped to Oregon to fuel a co-gen plant--a great alternative to burning it all in our yard!).

My favorite daffodil

Indian Warrior

Apparently deer find them tasty, because these specimens vanished quickly

Some green grass at last. And lots of debris.

Hunting for wild edibles already! That's our mountain man.

Friends help us clean up, even in the pouring rain.
The loss of this tree still makes me really sad.

Happy backpack boy doesn't care if he gets wet.

You can tell it's still cold outside--and we need a bigger bed!

Wait, maybe we just need more crock pots?

Little Cat continued to endear himself to Bubba especially. Unfortunately I have no pictures of him following us around the yard and leaping from limb to limb in the trees like a squirrel. But he also was the cat most likely to be found within Carson's reach:

Nice kitty! Would you like to share my changing table?

Well, come over here and cuddle then!

Closer, where I can reach you!

Hey, ow, that's my foot you're gnawing on!

Let me show you how that feels!

It's OK, mom, we're just playing!

Really, he likes it when I do this....
yes, that's one tolerant cat. RIP.

Here's the video version, if you have the patience:

Our planned 6-month photo shoot for Carson was delayed by weather, so we got 7-month pictures instead. Thanks to Taryn for these great captures!

June was our vacation month. Our first trip was the annual Yosemite camping week with Bubba's parents, for which my parents joined us this year. Carson was so excited about his first visit to the park that he couldn't sleep at night. Actually probably had more to do with being outdoors, and unusual noises... anyway he was cranky much of the time in consequence. We still enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Bubba got up before dawn every morning to walk Carson around
for miles in the Bob in an effort to get baby and mom a little sleep.

For campsite fun, you can't beat caution tape.

Those Suess men love their breakfast Spam.

too short

The lupine displays near Foresta were incredible this year.

Taft Point. Carson and I did it twice this year,
as in our grouchy state we were only up for short hikes :^)
It was magnificent both times.

Bub and I snuck away for a Mist Trail fix without the baby.
Thanks Grandmas!

Lembert Dome

Dad, I'm pretty sure this is a lodgepole.

We had to find our own trail, navigating around lots of snow and water.

On our way home from the park, we stayed over with friends
in Genoa, NV--a lovely time. Grandma takes Carson around the yard.

Back home: Carson nibbles on Dad's nose

Hanging out with GG (Great-Grandma Rose)

At the end of June the Lawlor family flew across the country in their new plane, and we met them in Sunriver for a several days along with my parents.
Terrible photo, but I don't want to forget this crawling workshop,
with Grandma and several cousins urging on a wailing Carson
and demonstrating how he should try to use his limbs.
He started crawling a few days later--finally! so it was worth it.

Smith Rock

Rafting the Deschutes. Barry and Wesley are hidden in there
somewhere! It was a cold experience, but an exciting end to the month.