Sunday, November 18, 2012

Interview with a three year old

This was a difficult project, as my interview subject, usually so self-expressive and voluble, was highly resistant to direct questioning and tended to give nonsense answers or none at all. I managed to collect the following over several days.

2012Nov 288-001
Headed out to "Shade Park" for a picnic

2012Nov 277 ed

What can you do now that you're big? Use a big drill!
What did you use to do when you were a baby? I would cry, and sometimes I couldn't walk.

2012Nov 300

What's your favorite thing to do? Use a leafblower.

2012Nov 309

2012Nov 313

What do you want to do when you grow up? Cook! I will cook eggs, and I will cook dinner.
What kind of dinners do you like? Ricey.
What foods do you like to eat? Cheeses, and string cheeses, and some dead animals that are not bloody.

2012Nov 347 ed

2012Nov 321

2012Nov 322 ed

What can you do with Laramie? Give her a pacifier.
What will you do with her when she gets bigger? Hug her. And put my eye in her eye and her eye in my eye! Because Laramie likes a Carson eye!

2012Nov 344

2012Nov 340 ed

Who is your favorite person? My dad.
Is your dad your best friend? Yes.
But you have other friends... Yes, like Hannah and Malcolm and Tess...
And AJ and David, and Reaghan and Abby? Are they your friends too? No. Sometimes I throw balls--soft balls--at them.

2012Nov 360

If we could go anywhere today, where would you like to go? I would like to go down to the train tracks. Do you like trains? Yes, but I don't like loud trains, only good trains.

2012Nov 363-001

2012Nov 383

What makes you happy? Goin' to junkin' houses.
What makes you sad? I don't know... we'll have to ask the monster. [?! He then proceeded to give this answer to the next 3 or 4 questions I tried to ask him.... The End!]

2012Nov 349-001

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Laramie, 6 weeks later

It's been fun to experience, the second time around, just how fast babies develop. In her first month Laramie seemed always to be sleeping...

L 2 wk

Two weeks old

L 4 wk

Four weeks old

But by 5 weeks she was smiling, making eye contact, and cooing, and now at nearly 7 weeks she's positively flirtatious.

(The following photos were taken just shy of six weeks)

Laramie smile 6 wk

Laramie smile 2 6 wk

So far she has been a very easy baby. Other than a few fussy days when she insists on being held constantly, she hardly cries; she will usually make small dissatisfied noises for some time first, giving me plenty of opportunity to figure out what she needs. We took her with us to see Skyfall last night, something we never would have attempted with Carson, and she did great!

2012Nov 109

2012Nov 168

2012Nov 158

She is a great sleeper and goes 7-8 hours at a stretch at night already. I love this! At this age with Carson I was exhausted and frustrated with his inability to sleep long at night or take more than a 40 minute nap during the day; everything feels much more relaxed with Laramie.

2012Nov 171

Laramie autumn leaves

As she is getting more interactive, she also seems to want people around more. Left by herself she may start to fuss, but will often return to smiling if someone comes back to visit her. I don't remember this with Carson, but perhaps he wasn't left alone much! Fortunately, with this baby we have an extra person around to keep her company.

2012Nov 139

2012Nov 134

2012Nov 117

Carson with Laramie 6 wk

Thursday, November 8, 2012

A perfectly lovely fall

The coming of autumn always makes me sad. I have to say goodbye to those long summer evenings; my hiking days are coming to a close for the year; the garden dies and we're stuck with broccoli and winter squash for dinner seemingly every night; and most of all I dread being in the cold and dark for what feels like half the year.

BUT the fact is that the end of October into the first week of November is likely the prettiest time of year here in Siskiyou County. We have these gorgeous black oaks, you see, and the hills turn bright orange. Most years there is fresh snow on the mountain. The nights are cold, but often the days are in the 60s and sunny. So I try to drink in the beauty and enjoy this moment.

Here are some views from two walks we took this week out our back door:

2012Nov 405

2012Nov 419

2012Nov 429

2012Nov 444

2012Nov 457

2012Nov 463

2012Nov 449

2012Nov 460

2012Nov 450

2012Nov 556

2012Nov 546

2012Nov 562

2012Nov 582

2012Nov 576

And as I write, it's snowing and the moment has passed... thank you for blessing us, fall! We'll miss you!