Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sonoma County spring

Bubba and the kids just returned from 5 nights in Santa Rosa. Bubba is working on a hiking guide for the Wine Country, so while I stayed here and worked, the kids had a blast at Grandma Camp and Bubba turned his legs to rubber on the trails every day.

Last month saw a similar trip, but I came down and joined in for the second half. The first day I spent down there, my parents came with us on an outing to the coast, which I'd had an itch to do for months.  First we hit up Armstrong Redwoods:

2014Apr 189ed

2014Apr 226ed
always climbing

2014Apr 250ed
a tree she can reach? Or more likely, it just looked like a big stick to hold

2014Apr 271ed
discussing different types of sequoia foliage

2014Apr 258ed
fallen giants make an inviting playground

2014Apr 263ed

2014Apr 274ed
under two years of life stands next to 1000

From there we proceeded out along the river to the coast and stopped at Goat Rock.

2014Apr 278ed
happy baby on the way

2014Apr 309ed
so exciting for this mountain boy to see the ocean again!

2014Apr 315ed

Carson really wanted someone to stand with him near the water, but he was not too sure about getting his feet wet.

2014Apr 332ed

2014Apr 318ed

Laramie was happy just to play with the sand. She tried eating some too.

2014Apr 297ed

2014Apr 334ed

We took a little walk up to the river's end, and the kids were fortunate to find two different driftwood shelters.

2014Apr 394

2014Apr 386ed

2014Apr 389ed

2014Apr 376ed

2014Apr 406ed

2014Apr 410ed

2014Apr 423

2014Apr 444ed

Laramie hitched a ride on the way back:

2014Apr 466ed

2014Apr 468ed

2014Apr 454ed

Such a lovely day. More adventures followed on the next...

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Who needs preschool? I mean, grad school.

Carson is always eager to visit the animal hospital and see what's going on there. I'm sure my kind coworkers' willingness to engage with him and hear his thoughts is a big reason for that. He knows that mom and "the clinickers" help sick dogs and cats get better, but I didn't realize he was such an expert in my field until this month.

He happened to drop in with dad one morning as we were examining this little corgi for lameness. "What's wrong with the dog?", he asked.
"It has a sore leg."
"Hm, I think it's a problem with the bone. Here, let me squeeze all the legs so I can tell you which one it is." (He had to run off and put on exam gloves, since he certainly couldn't examine a dog without them.)
..."This one has a bone... and this one has a bone..." Then, identifying the leg the owner had asked us to check: "It's that one."

Dr Carson 1

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

She's one!

And returning to the blog, after a long absence, is our dear daughter Laramie Rose--who is a toddler all of a sudden and turning one today!

This girl is a delight. She is happy nearly all the time, smiles a lot and likes to cuddle. She adores her brother and follows him about, mostly unfazed by his rough-and-tumble ways. She loves to eat just about everything she can get her hands on and has seven teeth now to gnaw apples and pork chops and all. Though she's increasingly comfortable with walking over the past month, she'll still drop to a crawl for distance and speed. When her brother's not around she's content to play by herself, often pulling her books off the shelf and looking through the pictures, or experimenting with our collection of kid-friendly instruments (the recorder is her favorite). She is not using any words yet but has quite the repertoire of meows, growls and roars.

How she grew:


laramie one month
one month

Laramie 2 month
two months

2012Dec 453
three months

2013Jan 331
four months

Laramie 5 mo
five months

2013Mar 383
six months

2013Apr 315
seven months

2013May 534ed
eight months

2013Jun 097
nine months

2013Jul 910
ten months

2013Aug 462-001
eleven months

laramie one year
L birthday brownie
We love you to pieces, Laramie, and we're so glad you're in our family!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Country boy's compassion

"I told that dead Steller’s Jay when it was going to rain, and I didn’t want it to rain on him, so I moved him up by the house where he would be warm, and I put him up on that box so we wouldn’t step on him and make him deader.

"And that dead Steller’s Jay just dozed by the house in the sun, and I made him a cozy place and I’m going to put him down for a nap. And I’m being really quiet so he can rest. And I have to be with that Steller’s Jay if he’s all alone. And when I come in Squeaky can be out there by him so he won’t be sad or cry because no one is with him. 

"And I know why he is dead! Because he wasn’t eating. Or... maybe I shot him with my gun!"

2013Mar 049

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Well, okay then!

[Carson is building with his pipes. These things have been in near-daily use for the better part of a year now.]

Mom: “What are you building?”
C: “It’s a drop dropper.”
Mom: “What kind of drops does it drop?”
C: “Nothing, because I didn’t put anything in it to drop.”
Mom: “What might you put in it?”
C: “I don’t know; I have to figure out what kind of drop dropper it is. But now it’s a speckled log hog…"
...soon it turns out that this contraption “shoots out roasted green speckled frogs, sitting on a speckled log, eating some most delicious bugs, yum, yum, and then one jumps into the pool where it’s nice and cool and now I can’t get it to work because it’s falling off, and you have to help me because the green speckled frog music is making me feel like I have to shoot green speckled frogs and this is not letting me! And I have tried everything and it keeps falling off and I can’t shoot green speckled frogs… This is very difficult and it doesn’t have time to let me use it, and it just falls down because I didn’t put much legs on it and it only has one leg and it needs two legs and we need to hunt in the bag for more pieces… I’m gonna need some help with this!”

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A boy's work

[On a snowy New Year's Day:]

2013Jan 062

Hey, MOM!

2013Jan 026

I'm building a fort, and it's going to be GIGANTIC!!

2013Jan 019

It will be very tall, up to the attic. Do you want to see my expilament?

I'm gonna make a weensy teensy door so Tess can get in to her camping wood.

Look, I can climb up, and put my feet up here and my hands up here, and I haven't done that before. It's like a mountain!

2013Jan 013

And you can actually watch me climb down to get back to my work. My work is called picking up wood, and throwing down big wood and little wood, little barks and big barks, for next days.

2013Jan 043

I told Mom she could borrow a little piece of oak to burn.

Tess likes kitty food and she heard a little tiny "kerplop" and she found some kitty food.

2013Jan 031

Malcolm said to Tess, "I'm gonna have one more," and that helps their brain think better.

2013Jan 001

And they said I could have one--three--FOUR more pieces of kitty food.

I have this chain saw for emergencies, for wood that is not cut.

2013Jan 068

And I'm gonna get back to my wood box fort before someone closes the doors.

2013Jan 030