Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A boy's work

[On a snowy New Year's Day:]

2013Jan 062

Hey, MOM!

2013Jan 026

I'm building a fort, and it's going to be GIGANTIC!!

2013Jan 019

It will be very tall, up to the attic. Do you want to see my expilament?

I'm gonna make a weensy teensy door so Tess can get in to her camping wood.

Look, I can climb up, and put my feet up here and my hands up here, and I haven't done that before. It's like a mountain!

2013Jan 013

And you can actually watch me climb down to get back to my work. My work is called picking up wood, and throwing down big wood and little wood, little barks and big barks, for next days.

2013Jan 043

I told Mom she could borrow a little piece of oak to burn.

Tess likes kitty food and she heard a little tiny "kerplop" and she found some kitty food.

2013Jan 031

Malcolm said to Tess, "I'm gonna have one more," and that helps their brain think better.

2013Jan 001

And they said I could have one--three--FOUR more pieces of kitty food.

I have this chain saw for emergencies, for wood that is not cut.

2013Jan 068

And I'm gonna get back to my wood box fort before someone closes the doors.

2013Jan 030


Katie Miller said...

I adore him and his imagination! Need to get our littles together to play some more!!!

Chari said...

I really enjoy how you tell the story with his words. They are adorable.