Tuesday, March 22, 2011

He knows what's up.

Coming up on 17.5 months, and Carson's language acquisition prowess never ceases to amaze us. He's now reached the ability to narrate pretty much everything that goes on in his day. And he does. It might go something like this:

"Hungwy. Eat. Food. Milk! Good." [Good is one of his favorite words. He uses it for all food and drink items consumed, and also some things that shouldn't be consumed, like puddle water and cat food.]

"Puhse [mom's]. Get it! Chair. Cwimbing. Out [everything that used to be in it]. Waddet! [wallets are extra exciting]. Phone! Hewwo? Down. Sitting. Book. Wead! Side-side. [He wants to go outside.] Shoes. Jacket. Snowing!"

Etc., etc....
He loves to carry firewood into the house with Dad.
"Wood! Hehping!"

Over the last couple of months he first mastered "Please", with the accompanying sign, then added "Thank you", which comes out as "De-doo" with his finger next to his mouth. Recently he's realized that I always respond with "You're welcome" and now sometimes he skips straight to that if he's asking for something. But if he really wants it he may string all those special words together: "Pease? De-doo? Wehcome?"

Every day he uses a new word or two or five that I didn't even know he was learning. Onion, olive, stuck, tray, hammer, knight are some that appeared in the last couple of days. But this morning took the cake. Bubba was massaging my shoulders and I said "Thank you". Carson chimed in with "g'Wehcome!" Then as his parents chuckled and gazed at him admiringly, he modestly grinned and added, "Dohble"--adorable!