Monday, November 14, 2011

Carson Live!

Well, not really. But here are some videos to commemorate our boy at two years old. These were all taken in September. Note that you can enlarge them by clicking the arrows at the lower right of each video.

"Hugging a Caterpillar"



"In the Kitchen"

2 years

Here at last, a month overdue, we celebrate Carson's turning 2. If asked his age, he will still say "I'm gon' be two in October!", so maybe I'm not that far behind.

For his birthday he got to spend time with his favorite people--his grandmas, of course. And also grandpas :^) Our little tool junkie had a tool-themed birthday; I spent quite a few hours trying to make him a tool box cake, and this was the result:

2011Oct 008

Good thing he's only 2 and not picky! The tools were molded from chocolate. The cake was structurally unsound, as you can see, but I was just happy it wasn't pink--it took 2 whole bottles of food coloring to make it a very deep salmon. Not sure if this was the practice I needed in order to make something better next year, or the flop that will keep me from decorating a cake ever again.

Much better than cake in Carson's opinion were the huge tool set he got from Grandma and Pop-Pop, and the toy lawnmower and weed-whacker from Auntie Karry and Uncle Norm completely put this birthday over the top.

carson with tool belt

Carson is a dear sweet boy. He's tender with his parents, asking us for kisses and wanting to give us hugs. He plays well with other kids and talks about his friends frequently. He loves his cat Hannah (the only one of our three who will let him near) and always wants to give her treats, show her his toys or share his food with her. He loves to sing, dance and be tickled.

2011Sep 597

carson laughing


He does have well-developed bargaining skills already. If prohibited from eating or taking something, he'll assert he's due "just one, only one" (usually accompanied by shaking his finger "1"). If told to put something down, he may insist "I'm going to hold it for now." When issued any other command he'll often come up with a variation on it and declare that he'll do that.

2011Oct 217

In his 24th month the popular question "what's that?" somehow morphed into "what's that thing like?" and we were constantly replying, "um, that's like a [trailer, wrench, grape]. Well, it is a [trailer, wrench, grape]." But in the past couple of weeks Bub has started calling him "The Pope" because he pontificates--suddenly he's an expert on everything. "That's a weed-whacker. That one, right there, that one." Carson, this is a nail. "Actually, it's a screw."

2011Oct 514

2011Oct 499

He is just now starting to ask to do things himself--"Carson do it!" But generally what he most loves is to have the undivided attention of one or both parents and to do something "togebder" (and he always verbally notes that this is occurring. He keeps a running commentary on everything through his day). Well, really he'd prefer dad. He's obsessed with Dada and is miserable if dad leaves him behind even for a minute to run something out to the garage. He wants to do everything "like Dada does it!"

lawnmowers together crop

2011Oct 644

Dad and Mom both adore this boy and can't wait to see what he'll learn to do next!