Sunday, May 25, 2014

Who needs preschool? I mean, grad school.

Carson is always eager to visit the animal hospital and see what's going on there. I'm sure my kind coworkers' willingness to engage with him and hear his thoughts is a big reason for that. He knows that mom and "the clinickers" help sick dogs and cats get better, but I didn't realize he was such an expert in my field until this month.

He happened to drop in with dad one morning as we were examining this little corgi for lameness. "What's wrong with the dog?", he asked.
"It has a sore leg."
"Hm, I think it's a problem with the bone. Here, let me squeeze all the legs so I can tell you which one it is." (He had to run off and put on exam gloves, since he certainly couldn't examine a dog without them.)
..."This one has a bone... and this one has a bone..." Then, identifying the leg the owner had asked us to check: "It's that one."

Dr Carson 1

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