Thursday, November 8, 2012

A perfectly lovely fall

The coming of autumn always makes me sad. I have to say goodbye to those long summer evenings; my hiking days are coming to a close for the year; the garden dies and we're stuck with broccoli and winter squash for dinner seemingly every night; and most of all I dread being in the cold and dark for what feels like half the year.

BUT the fact is that the end of October into the first week of November is likely the prettiest time of year here in Siskiyou County. We have these gorgeous black oaks, you see, and the hills turn bright orange. Most years there is fresh snow on the mountain. The nights are cold, but often the days are in the 60s and sunny. So I try to drink in the beauty and enjoy this moment.

Here are some views from two walks we took this week out our back door:

2012Nov 405

2012Nov 419

2012Nov 429

2012Nov 444

2012Nov 457

2012Nov 463

2012Nov 449

2012Nov 460

2012Nov 450

2012Nov 556

2012Nov 546

2012Nov 562

2012Nov 582

2012Nov 576

And as I write, it's snowing and the moment has passed... thank you for blessing us, fall! We'll miss you!

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Jeannette said...

What a gorgeous peek into a land of seasons. I have a theory that people who live in places that have real seasons are more creative with inside arts. But maybe I am just making excuses for myself with how easily distracted I am by temperate clime.

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