Saturday, November 10, 2012

Laramie, 6 weeks later

It's been fun to experience, the second time around, just how fast babies develop. In her first month Laramie seemed always to be sleeping...

L 2 wk

Two weeks old

L 4 wk

Four weeks old

But by 5 weeks she was smiling, making eye contact, and cooing, and now at nearly 7 weeks she's positively flirtatious.

(The following photos were taken just shy of six weeks)

Laramie smile 6 wk

Laramie smile 2 6 wk

So far she has been a very easy baby. Other than a few fussy days when she insists on being held constantly, she hardly cries; she will usually make small dissatisfied noises for some time first, giving me plenty of opportunity to figure out what she needs. We took her with us to see Skyfall last night, something we never would have attempted with Carson, and she did great!

2012Nov 109

2012Nov 168

2012Nov 158

She is a great sleeper and goes 7-8 hours at a stretch at night already. I love this! At this age with Carson I was exhausted and frustrated with his inability to sleep long at night or take more than a 40 minute nap during the day; everything feels much more relaxed with Laramie.

2012Nov 171

Laramie autumn leaves

As she is getting more interactive, she also seems to want people around more. Left by herself she may start to fuss, but will often return to smiling if someone comes back to visit her. I don't remember this with Carson, but perhaps he wasn't left alone much! Fortunately, with this baby we have an extra person around to keep her company.

2012Nov 139

2012Nov 134

2012Nov 117

Carson with Laramie 6 wk


Sarah said...

Oh, I feel like I was able to drop by to see your little ones through your blog. Thank-you for the update on sweet Laramie. I can't wait to meet your tiny delight!

Melissa said...

She is so sweet...can't wait to actually meet her in person. You are so good with getting pictures!! I can't seem to get the pictures onto my camera, much less get them downloaded! :-) Good for you!