Thursday, January 6, 2011


Abashedly I begin this blog, not because I think I have some insight or creativity or anything else to bless the world with, but simply because I'd like to keep some record of our days, and this seems the most efficient method. If I kept a paper-and-ink scrapbook, with photos and journal entries, this blog would not exist. But it's easier to load some pictures here and a few notes to go along with them.

For now, this blog will be private and open only to invitees, not because I myself am particularly worried about pictures of my family being available online, but so that I can feel free to post pictures of friends and extended family without overmuch concern for violating their privacy.

If I bore you with the little I have to say and the profusion of photos I have to post, I apologize and can recommend some more entertaining and illuminating blogs. This one is really for me and for my offspring in years to come, and if any of you friends and family enjoy looking over our shoulders in our day-to-day life, you're very welcome to do so!


Amanda said...

I won't be bored reading about your life! And my kids just commented excitedly on many photos while looking over my shoulder. I'll look forward to the next post!

Noreen said...

The baby is so perfect. I'm looking forward to looking through your scrapbook.

Reflections said...

Thank-you, Harmony, for sharing your photoblog. What a good idea! I'm looking forward in following! :)