Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Around our place lately

Over the past month, many signs of spring appeared: a greening lawn, (occasionally) bare arms, deer and also mosquitoes... despite those pesky creatures, it's a time of year my spirits always rise.

We pruned shrubs and trees and cut down three awkward fruit trees to make room for others. Bubba burned huge piles of debris.

Carson helped.

I wore out my back and found new muscles while chopping those trees' roots to get the stumps ready to pull.

Carson helped.

Doing a "cwawing baby" on top of the dirt pile

Really, what could be more fun than stomping
and sliding in lovely dirt?

By this time I had given up hope for those jeans.

Flowers bloomed...



The maple showed perhaps even better color than fall.

When the oak trees leaf out, you know it's really spring.

But it was still cold enough to require a fire at times, and the cats took full advantage of the couch facing the wood stove.

Alas, they are no longer safe there.

We hope May 25th will be our last snow. Hooray for Spring!


Amanda said...

Oh my goodness, Harmony, what beautiful blog posts. Thank you so much! I just read this and the last one this morning. Your boy is brilliant, it appears, and definitely sweet as can be! Your story about him wanting to pray is so special! And don't worry, he won't remember the bad days for a long time yet, so you have time to practice! (Not that practice has made perfect in my case. But you're less reactive and will do much better!)

Richie and Bethany said...

Just checked in on your blog. Such beautiful photos. Wow. Love the pictures of Carson "helping." Hee!