Saturday, February 4, 2012

The fantastic twos

This week Carson is 28 months old. I thought he was a lot of fun at 18 months, but it keeps getting better! We’ve seen a lot of growth just in the last 6 weeks. Things we’re loving right now:

1) He suddenly learned how to entertain himself. In a matter of a week or two he went from needing mom or dad’s undivided attention at all times (at least when indoors) to playing for long stretches with legos, puzzles, or just in his own imagination… speaking of which…
2) Wow is that imagination soaring. He pretends he is one of the cats (“I’m soft and cuddly Hannah”) and curls up on my lap. When he puts on his fireman boots he imagines “flames leaping out of the windows” and has to find his hose to spray water on them. “Soon the fire was out, Mama.” He drives his car around “going shopping” and always says he’s buying donuts or chips (for the record, this does not reflect our typical purchases). But mostly he takes great and detailed care of his “bees”, which are bowling pins that resemble insects. He changes their diapers and takes them to the potty, feeds them, puts them to bed. The following videos are from a month ago, on the day the bee fascination began… still going strong.

Some additional little things that have surprised and entertained us of late: He correctly points out “the way to the clinic” and “the way to church” when driving. He contracts “I am not” to “I amn’t”. He greets me when I come home from work with “Hi gorgeous! Hi precious!” (The first is Bubba’s fault; the second we think he may have picked up from Grandma?) He knows which is his right hand (and foot, and eye etc) vs. his left. (He still appears to be left-handed). He recognizes 10 or so of his letters and picks them out in random places—for example seeing Bubba looking at Wikipedia from across the room and pointing, “That’s a dubbo-you!” (He also woke Bub up from a nap one day by whispering next to his head, “S like a snake…S like a snake…”)

I’ve taken amazingly few photos in the past month and need to catch up on a lot from the fall, so I’ll stick with just another video for today--another from the first of January:


GretchenJoanna said...

Say, I wouldn't mind lying on a bed and getting Carson-cuddled next time I'm up.

The Armstrong Brood said...

I was laughing and laughing at the paragraph of surprises and entertainments... I amn't !!! That's a good one. And calling you "Gorgeous" and "Precious"! Hee hee!!!