Sunday, February 26, 2012

Carson, in his own words

Selected quotes, lately:

"My hair is gross. I need a bath." [This one is recurrent. He loves baths and does not--gasp!--get one every day.]

"The goat had to die." [Explaining himself to the Mount Shasta Animal Hospital staff upon entering the building with a heart in a Ziploc. Which goat? "The sick goat."]

"Dada, STOP!!! Stop sitting on the couch! You should get up and play with me!" [He thinks he should be in charge of all activities.]

"I'm a hedgehog! Animals don't wear clothes!" [His response to my query of his preference for jeans or sweatpants that morning. This is an appeal to his book The Hat in which Hedgie the hedgehog finally escapes a sock he had got his head stuck in.]

"Right now I'm looking for the power, because Mom and Dad lost it, Hannah, so we can't have any lights on.... The power is out, so we need to get a new one." [Hunting, flashlight in hand, during his first experience of a power outage in the dark.]

"Please can I ask?" [Usually follows a conversation something like this... Bubba: "Carson, did you ask before you took that off Dad's desk?" Carson, hastily: "I'm gonna ask, Dad. Can I aaassk?"]

And one of our very favorites, that makes us melt rather than laugh: "I need a kiss and a hug!" before he will let either of us leave him... we love this boy.

Carson Mt McLoughlin
with Mt McLoughlin, southern Oregon, on a trip this week with Dad


GretchenJoanna said...

He wants to be in charge of all activities, but he holds you responsible for bad things, like the power going out. They say kids think their parents are God, and this is so typical of how adults relate to the real God! Your responses are so typical of the real God, our loving Father.

GretchenJoanna said...

At least while your blog is private, do you need those word verification thingys? Blogger seems to have made them 5x more difficult to decipher lately.

Harmony said...

Word verifications removed!

Amanda said...

I love the power outage one -- how logical -- if you lost it, look for it! That photo at the bottom is an award-winner.

The Armstrong Brood said...

I love these quotes. I was laughing and laughing. I think the funniest one to me is the one where he pleads for Bubba to get off the couch... so funny! I can totally picture it. These kids have so much energy and don't seem to appreciate--at all--the joy of rest...

Sarah said...

Awww, what a darling! I love the pic at the end of the post. Wow! He looks right at home there. P would like this pic very much too :-).