Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Along the Sacramento

Redding is the closest actual city to Mount Shasta, at 60 miles away and around 90,000 residents. It has most of the necessary amenities, but isn't exactly a cultural center. It's known for pretty much two things: 1) staying really hot for most of the year, and 2) the Sundial Bridge. I appreciate Redding most in February and March, when it's likely to have beautiful spring weather (not too hot yet) while we up in the mountains are still slogging through winter. On such spring escape trips, the Sundial Bridge over the Sacramento River and in fact the entire 16-mile Sacramento River Trail make a great stroller-friendly destination.

Our latest escape to Redding was in early March. We had a couple of errands to do in town, and afterward we walked from the mall to the Sundial Bridge and back. I don't necessarily recommend this stretch of the trail, as it's too close to major roads too much of the time, but we still enjoyed ourselves along the way. Carson devoured his first Push-Up frozen treat, and I bared my arms for the first time in months. We moved pretty slowly because there was so much for a two-year-old to investigate...

Rubble to climb:
climb rubble sac riv 3-12

Flowers to marvel at (in Mount Shasta these were still a couple of months away):
flowers sac river 3-12

Rocks to throw in the river:
rocks sac river 3-12 crop

sac river 3-12

And of course the bridge itself. Carson LOVES bridges. This one is really big AND has cables to climb, which makes it extra fun.

climb sundial cable 3-12

sundial cable 3-12

sundial cable gymnastics2 3-12

climb sundial 3-12

climb sundial2 3-12

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