Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter treats

Our Easter festivities this year were woefully minimal, in part because it looked likely until the last minute that Bubba and Carson would be out of town that weekend. As it turned out, we were all together. But the most I can say for Easter 2012 is that we all made it to church (this nearly didn't happen because I had an emergency call Sunday morning), we enjoyed having a friend for dinner, and I made Rainbow Jello. Next year I hope there will be more substance to our observation of this most joyful holiday... but at least the jello was bright.

2012Apr 032

My mother has made layered jello in the past, but what got me inspired to try it this year was a photo I saw on Pinterest from this blog: Rainbow Easter Eggs. A "craft" and fun food that I can actually manage!, I thought. And I went and ordered some egg molds.

2012Apr 016

There was no purple jello at my local grocery store, and I could only get blue in the large box. So I got 5 large boxes and decided to make a ring mold also. The process took about 4 hours in all, and required a surprising amount of math... but I thought the results were worth it! Maybe Rainbow Eggs will become an Easter tradition at our house.

2012Apr 026

2012Apr 033

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