Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New kid in town...

On September 24th we finally got to say hello to our baby girl, Laramie Rose.

Laramie, brand new

Although it felt as if the waiting would be interminable, when she decided to arrive, she made quick work of it. Labor started about 5 a.m. and Laramie was born at 9:02. She was only a little bigger than her brother, at 7 lb 12oz and 20.5".

getting dressed


Our initial impression is that she resembles Carson quite a bit, but with more delicate versions of his features. Compare this newborn Carson to the photo above:

Carson newborn

My mother was on hand to help usher her into the world, as were dad and big brother.

Carson meets Laramie
blue hands
with dad
Gretchen's of LARAMIE ROSE 029
All went well and we were happy to be bringing our daughter back home that evening after a 12-hour hospital visit.

holding the baby
God has greatly blessed us!


Amanda said...

Oh wow, Harmony, this makes me cry it's so beautiful. What precious pictures; they make me feel right there in the action. Congratulations! A new family member is such an amazing thing! Love the expressions on everyone's faces.

Sarah said...

Laramie Rose is beautiful!!! The photos capture a dear and sweet little family...so happy for you all. Can't wait to meet the "new kid in town". <3