Friday, October 5, 2012

parent in training

Since Laramie's arrival, Carson has felt the need for a baby of his own to care for. Sometimes he is our kitten Tess's mother (mubder), which she appreciates when it involves his feeding her extra tidbits, but not so much when he wants to tote her around or wrap her in a blanket. A more compliant object of his ministrations has been the WubbaNub, a stuffed duck with attached pacifier, which he used as a baby and was recently unearthed for Laramie.

baby ducky wrapped up
Stands to reason a duck would need frequent diaper changes...

2012Sept 467
This set off a persistent interest in baby wipes, and one day while my back was turned for a few minutes he emptied an entire 100-count package, applying them one-by-one to the duck's backside.

changing baby ducky's diaper
Also, he informed me that he nurses his duck "from his tummy" just as I nurse Laramie, and he drinks lots of milk and water so that there will be plenty available to feed the duck baby. I said, "What a lucky duck baby to have such a caring duck dad."

"No, I'm a duck CARSON."

2012Sept 482


GretchenJoanna said...

What a scream. This kind of behavior is one fun aspect of having the older sibling be 3 yrs instead of 1 or 2....

Amanda said...

Too funny. Fiona and I got a good laugh about the 100 wipes! You are such a good mom to keep your sense of humor about it.

Sarah said...

I love Carson's enthusiasm for parenting his "babies"! :-) Great pics and story about a delightful boy!!