Sunday, October 21, 2012

October's sad goodbye

We've put it off as long as we could, but tonight we've got a predicted 29 degree low and 100% chance of snow. So, the garden is done. It's been chilly for the past week or so, and even in the absence of a true frost, here's how the poor plants looked yesterday:

2012-10 2012Oct 533-001

So I brought in our final harvest of zucchini, beans, and the three butternut squash we managed this year:
2012Oct 545
That's two smalls and an extra small. But I'm encouraged anyway--there's hope for next year!

And picked all the tomatoes, ripe or not. We'll see how many we can coax to ripen off the vine, but I also plan to make some green tomato salsa. Look for several posts to come on this year's garden labor and results! Here is the final haul for the season:

2012Oct 573

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